2022-10-30 06:04:03OB欧宝体育官方网站超高级宠物护理含死海矿物质 - 中和洗发水 - 消除异味保持

  超高级宠物护理,含死海矿物质 - 中和洗发水 - 消除异味,保持外套柔软有光泽,无酒精和防腐剂,适合狗狗和猫咪

  中和洗发露 狗 & 猫 气味中和洗发水由油和植物提取物结合死海矿物质。 这款洗发水利用茶树油、葡萄籽油、胡萝卜油和桉树和迷迭香提取物来消除宠物的异味,同时保持皮毛柔软有光泽。 成分:水、月桂基醚硫酸盐、椰菜丙基甜菜碱、月桂酰胺、马里斯萨尔(死海)、Vitis Vinifera 籽油、Daucus Carota Sativa 籽油、氯化物、香水、DMDM。 -H,风格 rene/丙烯酸共聚物,Rosmarinus Officinalis 叶提取物,Eucalyptus Globulus 叶提取物,Melaleuca Alternifolia 叶油,*酚,芦荟巴登叶提取物,二乙酸二钠 容量:4 00 毫升(14.08 液体盎司)

  用温水彻底擦干宠物的皮毛。 从尾部涂抹洗发露。 轻轻您的宠物皮毛,直到产生泡沫。 避免与*接触。 让宠物停留2-3分钟。 冲洗干净。 根据需要重复以上步骤。 可频繁使用。 如果对任何成分有已知敏感,请勿使用本产品。 如有刺激,请立即停止使用。

  My dogs a really very good but their favorite thing to do is to is go in the yard after it rains and roll in mud. The shampoo smells good, you do not need much especially when you have a small dog. Odie (the one white and chocolate) also has seasonal allergies so any shampoo that keeps him from itching works for us. It seems to be a nice soothing shampoo. Really the only thing I can recommend to this seller is to put how much of the essential oils are in the shampoo. Though I try to be as natural with my dogs as possible and use essential oils for flea spray I would like to know how much is used in the shampoo. The main reason I remove one star is because I feel that the cost ($25 at the time that I am writing this) seems to be a little high for an average sized bottle of shampoo.

  Several of the competing natural shampoos leave my dogs coat dry and itchy throughout the winter. This shampoo has solved my problem. It smells great, not too strong but pleasant when cuddling. It suds up nice and helped rid her of a lot of mud and guck. Her hair can get a little matted and oily yet this shampoo took care of that as well I will be purchasing again and recommending to my friends!

  My shiba inu get itchy during shedding season, and they seem to shed like twice their body weight in fur.

  This is a mild natural shampoo that really does seem to reduce itching, and it works well on their coats during shedding season. They have a glossy sheen to them after bathing in this, but it seems very gentle too, and non-irritating.


  This is a fabulous dog shampoo. Our Chow Chow usually sheds a lot after a wash and when I used this, he didnt. I like that he didnt itch from this wash, either. It obviously didnt irritate or dry out his skin. And it has a fresh smell, nothing strong, which is great in my opinion! This product is a win for me and this will be our go-to dog shampoo from now on.